Hi, Salut, Czesc and Yo! :)

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself, we're all friendly here.

Hi, Salut, Czesc and Yo! :)

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Hello All :)

My name is Kathryn and I am currently living in Canada.

I have recently been seeking and searching and having trouble sleeping.
Also, my dreams have been becoming more vivid and complex than they ever have been before, from what I can remember.

I have scanned a few other "hi I am a newbie" posts and have been reading up on the titles of Indigo and Crystal kids for the past 48 hours. I am not exactly sceptical but I do sometimes feel uncomfortable with titles.

I do feel though. I mean, I think I feel the same way most of you do sometimes. I have been following a very spiritual path since birth really but I started to ask many questions when I was 14 or 15 and I am now 24.

I also keep getting messages that come into my head, about needing to break things apart in order to rebuild together brand new...and to not be afraid.

I dunno if that makes me an idigo or a crystal or just "with it"! :) hehehe But I do know that I am currently working with children in a teaching role and I have found my people!

THese young ones understand me and think I am funny and I began to cry thinking about them in the future, and how they will need someone to hold their hands and let them know everything will be alright.

Everything in time, I guess.

Well, Hello!
Nice to meet you all.
Hope you are doing well!
Much love to you all
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Welcome Kathryn, it looks as if you may have found your calling working with the children - someone who understands them and cares for them...a rare find in today's educational world. Please, feel free to discuss anything you wish - someone will usually respond promptly! :)
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Hello Kathryn and welcome!
I felt a resonance when you said you didn't like labels. I agree with you, labels aren't important and tend to form elitist attitudes and the like. But on the other hand, i think it is still needed, so people with the same interests can meet and get together. Now that you found the site, just throw the labels away if you like. If you find you resonate with the people and energies in here, then you know you belong here. Just follow your feelings! :)

Where about are you in Canada?
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Hello and welcome! :cool:
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welcome to Indigo Society,

I'm sure you will love it here Catherine,

lotsa fun people and weird things to learn about :P


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love and light and welcome home. i must be honest, the labels stick in the roof of my mouth, but like peanut butter they taste nice at the same time xxxxx
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Hello xxx
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Hello and welcome sudden_angel!

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welcome to the site sudden-angel.

Its great how you feel about all the younger indigoes, they will have alot of stressors on them and your love can get them/ us through.

I liked your message about; dont break down to rebuild.

i was thinking that we do yesterday.
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Hi Sudden Angel

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mmm peanut butter...
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