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  1. SMH @ the forum dictators

    I find it sickening and amusing at the same time the way some of the forum dictators preach enlightenment, love and light and all that fluffy stuff, pretending to be role models but behind the scenes they are bitter, and conspiring, just abusing their mod powers in a oppressive manner. They hold the biggest grudge against me, they are unable to leave the past in the past, it's weird. To them, I'm like a ticking time bomb who can go off and expose their hypocrisy at any time, and painfully. ...

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  2. Regarding transformation

    A caterpillar curling up
    itself by the weight of a
    raindrop a sigh of the wind
    a glimpse of the light or
    by the finger of a child

    A tadpole a frog by
    the kiss of a
    maiden the prince

    A caterpillar curling up
    itself cocooning carrying
    its chrysalis whilst in
    slow slow motion skinshedding
    skinbreaking into butterflying
    with wings waving the colours
    and its tall tongue turning or
    curling sucking ...
  3. ''Leave it to Beavers''

    Outstanding and touching PBS documentary about beavers, and their importance to the Eco-systems of North America. Especially with droughts affecting many parts of the United States at the moment, reintroducing beavers into the Eco-system is a key to diminishing the negative effects of droughts throughout the Land, and saving many species of endangered wildlife :

    PBS Nature 2014 "Leave it to Beavers"

    Video Link: ...

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  4. Putin Propaganda Protection & Prevention

    "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin

    This information is relevant for all internet forums, but especially for all New Age, Alternative News and Conspiracy Research forums, which have been especially heavily targeted by Russian Intelligence Services and their ''Troll Armies'', in order to spread anti-American/Western and pro-Putin/Russian propaganda.

    With the recent news, that the budget of Russia Today will significantly increase ...
  5. Psi and the Liberation

    M'Friend, the other night you showed me that bit in the bible, 2 Chronicle 34, especially around verses 14-31. Now am I to understand the implications of this ....... the TRUE implications? That I may as I wih read you right.

    If you keep your focus on how you be, not what you do, then whatever you do will bring fulfillment.

    was I asking about fulfillment though? I was asking about you. You are saying it is not the what and the actions, but the being and the how ...
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