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  1. Your chance to shape Indigo Society

    Take a look at the forums on the homepage of - Do you see some forums that should be merged? I feel we could use some spring cleaning as we may have duplication in content between the various forums.

    Not only that, but here's your change to suggest unique forums to Indigo Society to help promote certain topics.

    What forums would you merge together?
    What forums would you get rid of?
    What forums would you add?

    Thanks for helping ...
    Indigo Society
  2. Upgraded Site.

    Indigo Society just went through a moderate upgrade. The upgrade fixes a few bugs and also will help stop the recent surge of spam.

    One of the cooler updates included is a mobile-optimized browsing experience on webkit platforms (Apple products).

    Try loading up on your iPhone if you have one!

    Tags: upgrade
    Indigo Society
  3. Peer moderation implemented

    I just implemented something cool for Indigo Society.

    All threads and posts will now display "Was this post helpful?" With a thumb up and thumbs down.

    This is great, why? Popular posts will get surfaced, and guess what happens to posts with a negative rating? They get hidden. This will allow the community to peer moderate and easily be able to get rid of crappy posts judged by YOU, not just the moderators.

    What happens if someone abuses them? I ban ...
    Indigo Society
  4. Added a new forum: Mysticism & Ancient Wisdom

    Check out the new forum we added:

    Due by popular demand!
    Indigo Society
  5. Wow, this is cool.

    i started this thread with this conversation:

    this morning i ran into someone i haven't seen in more than a year. she's visiting from far away and she's got the candida/chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia stuff.

    i told her i am writing and am active on a forum called Indigo Society. she said 'oh i know Indigo Society.'

    'how do you know IS?'

    'when i have a bad day i lay in bed with the laptop and
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