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  1. Facebook is the Devil

    Facebook is the devil.

    It is Hell for friendships, the firey pit of forgetfulness where many a friendship has slowly died on the alter of good intentions.

    Oh yes - I know, facebook is a wonderful thing, a fantastic way to keep in touch with your friends, to re-connect with people you haven't seen since high school or, in my case, since dinosaurs ruled the earth. But is it truly the angel of light and the savior of the lonely that it claims to be?

  2. The Miracle Question

    Quote Originally Posted by sshenry View Post
    This isn't an exercise (though it can be). In fact, if you treat it like an exercise you may find your perspective shifting on a number of things.

    The Miracle Question is really a series of questions for you to ask yourself, but if you take the answers to all of them and put them together, I think you will find some very important parts of your self coming together:


    • If you woke up and all your problems had disappeared,
  3. How Many Pins Can Dance on the Head of an Angel?

    Did you know that the term "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" was actually a derrogatory phrase? It was used to discredit scholastic philosophy at a time when it still played a significant role in university education.

    Well, that's what some people believe.

    There are others that teach that this question is unfairly attributed and originally comes from medieval epistemology: that the question was not how many angels could dance on the head of
  4. Putting it all Together

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    At the heart of everything mankind believes in, there are two very fundamental principles; Thought and Action.

    You can see it here on Indigo Society, clear as anything. Most members fall into one of two camps.

    There are those that fall into the camp of wanting to take action - now - against something, someone, anyone. Who or what shall we fight against? Well,
  5. The Penny Pinching Project

    When I chose to quit my job with the Federal Government there was one distinct problem - our income was reduced by over a third (almost a half). My first instinct was to go out and get a job (any job as long as it wasn't back with the Feds) to make up the difference.

    But then I had an idea:

    Careful consideration of our finances showed that we had enough - on my husband's income - to be
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