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  1. Running Out of Time

    I'm running out of time.

    No, that's not right.

    Time is running out for someone I care about.

    Whenever I look at him, I see IT, Death, beneath the surface of his skin. And each time I look at him it becomes clearer.

    Whenever I see him, I hold him tightly, trying to read what - and when - and where. But I come up blank -or rather I come up with a wall where the Knowing should be - and that tells me that I am not supposed to know, because ...
  2. The Miracle Question

    Quote Originally Posted by sshenry View Post
    This isn't an exercise (though it can be). In fact, if you treat it like an exercise you may find your perspective shifting on a number of things.

    The Miracle Question is really a series of questions for you to ask yourself, but if you take the answers to all of them and put them together, I think you will find some very important parts of your self coming together:


    • If you woke up and all your problems had disappeared,
  3. Mental Health Days

    You ever need a day? A day - away? Away from everything and everyone. A day to just BE.

    Mental Health Days - that's what I call them. A day when, for 24 hours, I turn off the television, the phone, the answering machine, the computer; unplug and reboot.

    I like to time them - these days - to times when my husband is off at one of his conferences, and when my youngest has a sleepover at a friend's house. And then, once the house is empty, I can just BE.
  4. As It Should Be

    I am alone.

    Do you know how much those words would have disturbed me even a year ago?

    But here I am.

    Everything I have read - everything I had experienced up to this point had led me to believe that the balance of energies for a particular vibrational sequence (polar opposites of that energy) are held by twin flame pairs.

    It was a wonderful belief. An all-encompasing peace - a sense of belonging. To believe that there was someone out ...
  5. The Penny Pinching Project

    When I chose to quit my job with the Federal Government there was one distinct problem - our income was reduced by over a third (almost a half). My first instinct was to go out and get a job (any job as long as it wasn't back with the Feds) to make up the difference.

    But then I had an idea:

    Careful consideration of our finances showed that we had enough - on my husband's income - to be
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