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Rambling in Wonderland

In this Blog you will find the mad ramblings and philosophical fragments of SSHenry. There is no guarantee which you will get from one day to the next, so hang onto your hat, beware of mushrooms and don't step on the moanraths!

SSHenry takes turns playing Alice, the Cheshire cat and the Red Queen. But never the White Rabbit. If there is one thing SS has learned is that you leave the rabbit alone.

  1. Twin Flame Meditation

    Continued from previous blog post (definition of Twin Flames).


    • Find a place where you can sit quietly without being disturbed.
    • Optional: you may light a candle if you wish. It is not necessary, but for those who have a hard time meditating without something tangible to focus on, it can help to bring your attention back to what you are doing. If you do light a candle, place it on a flat surface that is within view of where
  2. Twin Flame Definintion

    Before we get into the nuts and bolts of Twin Flame Meditation it helps to understand just what a Twin Flame is and what meditating on your twin flame and/or bringing your energy into alignment with twin flame energy will do in your life. Now keep in mind that I am no authority. Iíve spent the last three years studying into the subject due to an experience with what I then thought was my twin flame. The information that I have put together here is based on what I have read and the meditations ...