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Rambling in Wonderland

In this Blog you will find the mad ramblings and philosophical fragments of SSHenry. There is no guarantee which you will get from one day to the next, so hang onto your hat, beware of mushrooms and don't step on the moanraths!

SSHenry takes turns playing Alice, the Cheshire cat and the Red Queen. But never the White Rabbit. If there is one thing SS has learned is that you leave the rabbit alone.

  1. Mental Health Days

    You ever need a day? A day - away? Away from everything and everyone. A day to just BE.

    Mental Health Days - that's what I call them. A day when, for 24 hours, I turn off the television, the phone, the answering machine, the computer; unplug and reboot.

    I like to time them - these days - to times when my husband is off at one of his conferences, and when my youngest has a sleepover at a friend's house. And then, once the house is empty, I can just BE.