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  1. Im Angry because..........

    [/SIZE][/I][/B][SIZE=2]I知 angry because you pursued me relentlessly and told me you wanted me
    to be your girl.
    I知 angry because I learned you did that with others while you were doing the
    same to me.

    I知 angry because you lied when you told me you were my dragon and i was yours.
    I知 angry because I can稚 tell you how angry I am.
    I知 angry that it makes me hurt when I see, hear your name even
    when it isn稚 you who痴 being ...

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  2. The Elightened Woman

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    [TD="class: contentheading"]Yogi[U]-[/U]ni: the Enlightened Woman[/TD]
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    [TD="class: buttonheading, align: right"]by Danielle
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