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  1. A Place to Ramble

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    And the dead shall awaken and stare in fascination at the sights before them. The same questions are asked yet the tongues are different. Life wasn't better in the world we knew, it is the same now as it was then. We are the changed. Not the world.
  2. Wednesday Jan 29

    I'm glad DF challenged us to do this!
    There are days I'd like to forget and yesterday is just one of those days that I probably will forget.

    I'm not saying that nothing happened, I'm just saying that it was an ordinary day. Beatle, my ex-sister-in-law stopped in twice. I'm just thankful it wasn't snowing like the day before when she got a wild hair up her butt and wanted to go for a walk in the snow.

    Alas, it was an ordinary day. Beatle came for coffee ...
  3. Transition Day

    Today is a transition day. I feel it deep within me. Something needs to and will change today. The possibilities of what it may be scares me. I like my life but, I've been stagnant for a while. Nothing has changed and when my soul cries out for constant change to keep my brain ping-ponging as it's done all of my life, the possibilities are endless.

    It could be I finally snap and they have to institutionalize me....
    It could be I have another heart attack...
    It could ...
  4. Recognizing MORE

    My life is good. I have all the kids anyone could ever want. I have a cute husband who has a brain. My mom and I talk on the phone two or three times a week, I have friends who I talk with daily.... But, I wonder, is there more out there that I'm missing out on? Is there more to what I'm supposed to be doing, experiencing... living?

    I worked out in the yard today. I ripped into the grape vines which have been neglected for about 15 years. I cut down raspberry vines, small trees, ...
  5. I Want To Go Home

    Since 1980, we've lived in Ohio. I actually grew up in Georgia. I was born in a little town called Warm Springs... there's a natural hot spring there that president Franklin D. Roosevelt built his second home called The Little White House.

    I grew up making regular trips there, we lived a few miles away until Dad was discovered by people who kept finding him better jobs with more pay or better benefits.

    I took swimming lessons at Callaway Gardens.. also close by. ...
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