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  1. The Chakra Systems of the New Era

    This an excerpt from a chapter of the new book ''The Spiritual Password'' by Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and her friend Elisabeth Nordeng on the ''Chakra Systems of the New Era''. The book will be published in the UK in January of 2014.
    Some of you, who have been following my writings and the work I do with First Wave Indigos, are already aware of this information.

    The book explains it so well though, that I would like to share it here, because I feel it will be very ...
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  2. Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

    As most of you know, Indigos are trained to infiltrate into and then heal and positively reshape the corrupted power structures and hierarchies on Planet Earth. In my opinion Princess Märtha Louise of Norway is a perfect example of an Indigo Soul who intentionally chose to be born into the highest spheres of society, so she could then and there spread her Indigo Ray and Love Energy to as many people as possible and ...
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  3. Death by China

    I just watched this documentary on Netflix. Here their website:

    When I first saw the title I was skeptical and thought it is just right-wing fear-mongering propaganda. But after watching it all the way through to the end, it made a lot of sense to me and I felt that the documentary laid out a very coherent and solid case and foundation for their arguments and claims and which challenges America and Americans are facing in regards to the Communist One Party ...
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  4. Dorothy Leon

    In my Knowing Dorothy Leon is one of the most underestimated spiritual teachers on Planet Earth.
    The Being St.Germain that she works with is an authentic Ascended Master. Not everybody claiming to be or representing St.Germain does so.

    ''Because light is neutral, it can be misqualified. Love is an energy that retains its quality. If one is controlled by destructive forces, he will reject love, but if he receives light, he can misqualify and use it against the forces of light.''
  5. Basic Income, a new human right

    This is the future.

    I don't know if this idea will ever be realized here in the United States, but in Europe there is a growing movement and awareness for the human and societal benefits of an unconditional Basic Income.

    For more information check out this video and support the cause if you live in the European Union. The world will be a better place for it:

    Basic Income, a new human right

    Video Link: ...
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