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  1. copyright 2011 (party like it's 1939)

    it would be as if
    at your core was something designed to cause you to stay away from
    the literal definition

    of what you believe

    in order to believe



    in what you believe


    but i fail to understand
    how questioning

    what you believe

    is a failure to

    what you believe


    outside the rain never made it here, but i got rained ...
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  2. self-explanatory mood-context ensues:

    "I am explain. I did not have the word. You grok. Anne groks. I grok. The grass under my feet groks in happy beauty. But I needed the word. The word is God.
    "You told me, 'God made the World.'"
    "No, no!" Harshaw said hastily. "I told you that, while all these many religions said many things, most of them said, 'God made the World.' I told you that I did not grok the fullness, but that 'God' was the word that was used."
    "Yes, Jubal," ...
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  3. "spoiled rotten."


    within peh is the spiral, which actually represents the antithesis of the circumference.

    nega-scott and scott, but not.

    the philosophy and the practice, or the thought and the thought-of (or the thought of "..." where ' "..." ' far better suits the purpose than any single character as a variable.


    to the ancients, it was a parabolic arc or a curved rod.


    in short, i think "what ...
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  4. part 1: not as high this time

    good grief, i can actually operate the computer without going into paroxisms of confusion and euphoric dementia, plus this time those three are not the sole source of abhorrent noise and bickering in an otherwise silent library.


    i've seen ialdabaoth in his eyes, heard the attitude drip like venom as he smiles wickedly and transgresses.

    the other two are as fluff in the wind most times, but otherwise also disobedient.

    today's vacation has been ...
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  5. part 3: a letter to 'cue-ball vandyke'

    dear noncompliant biological parent of the children now in my care,

    things a good parent does not do:

    -refuse to buy necessities for the children to bring to their mother's house;
    -cancel at every possible juncture for selfish reasons (other plans, don't feel like it, etc.)
    -in canceling, fail to arrange child care for those times when cancellation is unavoidable.
    -make your own children choose between sleeping on air mattresses (while your girlfriend's ...

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