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it is exactly what it is, even if you don't know what it is, exactly...

  1. copyright 2011 (party like it's 1939)

    it would be as if
    at your core was something designed to cause you to stay away from
    the literal definition

    of what you believe

    in order to believe



    in what you believe


    but i fail to understand
    how questioning

    what you believe

    is a failure to

    what you believe


    outside the rain never made it here, but i got rained ...
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  2. Right Now

    (Hey, it's your tomorrow!)

    in rivellon, there are four: blonde ranger, still 5. redhead mage, still 8. initiate jojo, whom i will not describe in detail as it's not mine to do so, and slayer version 2, level 15 and soon to be rising.

    in the void, will is about a chapter or so away from being able to fly.

    in neo-neo tokyo, the five are on disc 2, but mostly just grinding for now until they are able to do the things they want to be able to do (they being i, as ...
  3. Silver on the Tree

    got the tower, killed razakel and thus laiken, then damian smote broken valley (which finally lives up to its name), i've turned "slayer" into a lady warrior with a black ponytail and she is now level 24, halfway to 25. still in the fjords, but i did meet the dragon patriarch and have opened about half of the secret achievements in the game so far. my ultimate goal for this segment is to reach aleroth and get the shield made of the same metal as the sigil which opens the hall of echoes, ...
  4. Chapter Thirty-Four: The Beginning of the Before-the-Beginning.

    The paradisical wilderness around them rematerialized once more, and for a moment nothing happened. The Kiosk came back into being, completely nude and Aneris appeared much the same, but slightly intangible.

    'Sweet,' She breathed from her new, pneumatic semi-form, 'that's a start. Can those savages tear me apart if I'm like this?'

    I would certainly hope not, mostly because they're not here but also because of that little trick right there, came ...
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  5. you either know, or you don't.

    for many years, my life has consisted of periodic modes of perception and action.

    what this means, in simplified terms, is that i go through phases, during some of which i acquire items or ideas that seem like they will be useful, but aren't at the time. these things include concepts from movies, music (often the misheard parts lend greater insight than the drug-tendent musings of the original composers), as well as artifacts, clothing or books (a whole other ballgame compared to movies ...

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    Spirituality , Personal , 'pataphor
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