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  1. The Hero Trap, described (or: how to kill at least one horseman without violence)

    I speak both to and as the rhetorical 'I'.


    I empty my mind of all thought, save for the topic above.


    i seek the center, the fulcrum of balance and the most direct path not yet travelled, which crosses no other travelled paths but knows where not to be:


    The trap itself is nothing particularly sinister, so much as a redundancy of futility heaped on with the full knowledge of what is happening.

    first, ...
  2. where to begin

    well, i think i have the mindset, but the words will have to come when they do. i've got a few things to post here which were composed at home (where there is no internet, nor open wifi neighbors either).

    those will come after this post.

    in the meantime, i think the thought is generally that, having declared the goal as such, i may have actually sort of crapped on the almighty's day, as the almighty still tends to cast shadows in the three, who consequently have been quite ...
  3. 'what jackass names somebody with a rhetorical question?'

    too soon to speak, had to post.

    had. that sense ofurgency makes me giggle now, i suppose.

    not that i'm becoming complacent or arrogant, but the change is surreal to say the least. did i mention i enjoy surreal moreso ever than the so-called "real"?

    the last one was a two-player co-op with My The She and My The Me, though it was scripted by myself.

    then, we discovered that the girls love playing co-op SA and the boy will ...
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  4. must target something to use this spell

    while facebook simultaneously connects and zombifies the people, twitter apparently is dragging the IQs down even faster. it figures, since shortened posting would be, should it be tested, shown to decrease attention spans, essentially infecting users with mild ADD.

    so twitter is working to promote the word 'hella' as the nomenclatural for 10^27, in an official sense, according to the internet, which never lies.

    of course, twenty-seven being symbolic to some, at least ...
  5. "...if at first, you don't succeed, destroy everything - with extreme prejudice!"

    Pulling through the deluge, pulling the deluge itself (in my mind, at least), central avenue and division street's intersection was underwater, rooster tails following my 1992 Taurus along every street and thoroughfare.

    Foreshadowing, I thought to myself and continued along. Zero visibility, rain bands, and the clouds seeming to be a scant few hundred feet above the ground as standing waves from all these hills made identifying painted lines on asphalt impossible.

    the phone ...

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