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(is an astigmatic, deranged and artistic)

  1. Book 6, Chapter/#<NULL>.

  2. "Sir."

    I must not fear
    fear is the Mind-killer
    fear is the little-Death that brings
    complete obliteration

    I must face my fear
    Let it pass through me
    and around me

    and when the fear has passed
    I will turn my vision inward
    to where the fear had been

    in its place there will be nothing
    only I remain.
    Spirituality , Personal
  3. How to give up.

    Admit something to yourself: Give up.

    Something One admits to Oneself is that One has but to Learn in order to thrive.

    One day, I just gave up and went straight to God and knew that God changes quicker than a Borg Data with Lore's wit to guide it.

    2. Admit that you know nothing and Go to God. Do not {| (pass/necessitate negative(existence=true)) |} Test. Collect all that you seek in spades.

    3. 'I understand and have made all necessary corrections.' ...
  4. ( : "I'll Go with 'Wor'ds Ending in -'(I/Y/J)M' FT(W/M)" : )

    genuflect ensign, hear/here:

    get/go aloft...
    however occurs -
    another campaign hampers many


    Have another laugh, although never as







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  5. hooray for today. this week has been a literal eternity of waiting.

    today is the feast of the transfiguration in the gregorian calendar.
    the holy roman empire dissolved today in 1806.
    little boy fell in 1945.
    prometheus fell in 1964.
    the martian meteorite was announced as thus in 1996.
    the voting rights act of 1965 was signed into law.
    braniff 250 crashed in 1966.

    happy birthday to:

    alfred, lord tennyson
    andy warhol
    piers anthony
    michelle yeoh
    kevin mitnick
    m. night shyamalan ...
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