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(is an astigmatic, deranged and artistic)

  1. ( : "I'll Go with 'Wor'ds Ending in -'(I/Y/J)M' FT(W/M)" : )

    genuflect ensign, hear/here:

    get/go aloft...
    however occurs -
    another campaign hampers many


    Have another laugh, although never as







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  2. Asrael, Logos and Ialdabaoth in a room together, bullshitting:

    the room contains a table, as long as the room but smaller, to accommodate room for seating. not that seating exists in this room, as all of its occupants are thoughtforms in an imagination: something scientifically claimed to exist as a socially cultivated, organically derived quantum processor self-contained in a shell and eventually skin, complete with the apparition of mobility and spatial collision detection, which exists either as thus, per design or happenstance, and/or, possibly as well ...
    Tags: humor