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(is an astigmatic, deranged and artistic)

  1. part 2: allergic to nephilim

    it has come to my attention, o almighty creator of only that which becomes fail, that my autoimmune response weakens from stress and that defiant, ill-mannered, parentally-admittedly poorly cultivated adolescents cause me, simply by the fact of their persistent continuance at the present state, rate and apparently, fate.

    in other words, i break out in hives each time they come homw from an extended excursion, but if not for that they would probably already be duct-taped into small boxes ...
    Spirituality , 'pataphor
  2. part 3: a letter to 'cue-ball vandyke'

    dear noncompliant biological parent of the children now in my care,

    things a good parent does not do:

    -refuse to buy necessities for the children to bring to their mother's house;
    -cancel at every possible juncture for selfish reasons (other plans, don't feel like it, etc.)
    -in canceling, fail to arrange child care for those times when cancellation is unavoidable.
    -make your own children choose between sleeping on air mattresses (while your girlfriend's ...

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  3. oops, almost forgot...

    She and I had a shared dream, confirmed by both of us. i've noted the environs, and will be seeking to recall the events.

    i told her about running up a river, something fairly common to my recollections recently when she told me that she remembered being in a john boat and something about me teaching her how to walk on the water as well. she was surprised to think maybe she'd had a dream of being peter, or moreso that i knew about her dream before she remembered it.

  4. numb in the library

    surreal, different, not quite stable. that is the now for me.

    p.s. - the kiosk et al will return shortly, as soon as i figure out who all is present in the remade cosm, not to mention what i feel like describing them having to do, and what implicit lessons should be evident.

    i 'need' a cigarette.
  5. fire in the city of automatons

    james, the drummer for the long-defunct Calling All Cars, noted once that this band, No Knife, had been featured as background music on one of those terrible mtv melodramas about how tough life in california is for spoiled kids with rich parents, to which i replied that no knife was pretty ahead of their time and how odd that fact seemed. he said no knife was so far ahead, they might never have a time.

    then i woke up, a few years ago and recently have noticed the perfect description ...
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