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  1. no-shave no-vember

    I was listening to the radio today, pop music plays and something occurs to me. lady gaga may have the production quality and magical symbolism, but ke$ha likes my beard.

    just a thought.
  2. [intentionally left blank]

    in the past few weeks the following have occurred:

    1) during a worship service at my dad's church, immediately following a prayer, as i opened my eyes and reality swooped back into my head, the lights flicked and the p.a. thumped as the power reset.

    2) even though the response to the response was not heeded, apparently it was also not needed, as things are for the moment looking up for my soulmate's present warfare, though the flexing of wings certainly did something to ...
  3. palantir?

    hmm, well this is interestring.

    first, i never noticed the hiccup in the word again, but i'm totally leaving that in since it makes me gaggle.


    okay, so another work anecdote:

    several weeks ago, had a nifty conversation with the owner-boss, and she said that she hadn't read LOTR but thought that if the books were as Epic-Battle-Laden as the movies, it would probably be unbearable for her to read. thankfully, i was there to explain a bit about ...
  4. "Open the pod bay door please, HAL."

    today i dressed as the devil and a lawyer seemed to actually enjoy having an extra person present in a meeting.

    that we're not home and dry, or even home and vigorously towelling ourselves off is obvious, however that the present course appears less tragic and/or animous than prior to today is a boon and one we'll gladly take. the only issue she really had was with he-man machismystic attitudes from aforementioned attorney, which i repeatedly had urged would be the case and that my ...
  5. malaki tzadik

    language is so cool. i mean it.

    really, it sounds goofy unless you're into it, but knowing that one could conceivably pull several different, entirely coherent and legitimate interpretations of a scripture passage based on the vowel placement in a syllabic language, should be something to get a little excited about - not to decry as false or unnecessary simply because it might upset one's otherwise singular set of beliefs, as occurred this weekend.


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