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  1. How to Love Oneself...?

    I always believed that if I wasn't hard on myself, I'd never become a better version of myself. My skills would never improve, I'd never attain the goals I'd set out to achieve. That kind of mindset worked for me when I was in school. I always went for the best grades and never accepted anything less.

    But now, I wish I could stop being my own worst enemy. I want to learn to love myself, and accept myself for what I am. Only then, I think, will I be able to improve. But then, I wonder, ...
  2. People on here adding me as friends...

    I'll accept, but can you at least introduce yourself?
    I don't know who I'm adding.
    Who are you people?
    Where have you come from?
  3. Crush - A poem, I guess.

    You say 'crush' like it has
    no meaning.

    Crush. Verb.
    To press or squeeze with a force that destroys

    or deforms.

    Crush. Informal.
    An intense but short-lived infatuation.

    Children have crushes.

    "do you like anybody?"


    and there's always that brief thought of

    "is it me?"

    It never is.
    But still.
  4. It's pretty fucking terrible...

    ...that I have been here for four years and have posted less than 1000 little gems.
    Spirituality , Personal , General
  5. My posts are at 666. I shall never post again.

    Well, that is until I get bored.
    I just wanted to document this shit.
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