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    If you don`t love yourself, no one could love you. I believe everyone is special and unique. I suggest you to look at yourself in the mirror and think about yourself. What are you good at? What makes you different from others in a good way? How is your personality like? What do you like? What makes you happy? What do you think about yourself? Do this every day. And you will soon discover that you deserved to be loved, and you certainly deserved to be loved by you yourself! And also, say positive things to yourself every morning, after you wake up. For example, something like "I`m feeling fresh and warm today, this is going to be a wonderful day for me!" , "I`m going to live my life to the fullest!" , "I`m simply wonderful!" And remember, no one is perfect. Don`t set a standard too high for yourself. Appreciate your inner beauty and your flaws. Why appreciate your flaws? Well, that`s because it`s a part of you, without those flaws you won`t be yourself and without these flaws you won`t improve yourself.

    Discover yourself. Know yourself and understand yourself. No one knows you better than yourself.

    Hope this helps!! *hugs*
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    I don't add people who have either just joined who haven't posted yet...or those who have only made a few unrevealing posts, I've got to know them a bit more, first...
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    Don't hate on yourself like that! I kind of feel the same way though. This is my first login in about a month..
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    i only date cunts

    (hey m0ds she said it first shuttup!)
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    Nope, not terrible! You're just discerning. You only post when you feel you must. Kind of like talking, some only talk when it's necessary. And more people listen to them because of that!
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    [QUOTE=illuminati;bt8955]what does this have to do with you being a cunt..?[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, I always thought you were a sweetie....
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    LOL, don't worry, the bogey man won't get you. :)
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    you made me laugh
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    Who knows? I threw my fingers at the keyboard and this came out.
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    what does this have to do with you being a cunt..?
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    yep, for sure
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    Why not start a thread that will make you smile?
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    Sora I like your energy-- if only I could use it to produce Pinkberry for me I would be a rich man.
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    Well I hate to break it to you- but people's opinions don't revolve around your own either.

    Brainwashing? It's not evil conspiracy, it's human nature. There is no brainwashing that happens that is not ALLOWED to happen by the person being brainwashed. Society technically is brainwashing. But it's not "brainwashing" you see because that's just the way our MINDS are wired. To LEARN, to pick up things, to categorize and label so that we can function in the world.

    The "majority" aren't simply brainwashed. They just choose not to certain parts of their minds, and ACCEPT how beautiful they really are! "Brainwashing" only exists because people live in fear!

    I agree with you though. Good luck helping people see that
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    Sora, know that you'll never feel lonely here. Everyone is ready to talk and help
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    Congrats . Your profile picture seems appropriate for the mood you seem to be in.
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    Hello Sora
  18. Chica espiritual's Avatar
    hi if you want to talk to someone you can count on me
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    hey I feel the same way. I think this also adds to the sadness: the realization that crying is definitely for OTHER people -- you might have developed this special ability that I have -- to be able to cry in your head. If I said this in a normal setting I'd probably get weirdo looks. I think what maybe we're both searching for is someone who's worth the tears, who's worth crying in front of, who we know won't be confused but will understand, because if they truly don't understand then it's just wasted energy, wasted effort, might as well have just kept it in my head.
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    what kind of novel? hahahha.
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