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  1. 2014 a whole new start

    After a long stay away from this site and most sites to regain a grip on my life and figure out what I want from life I have now returned. I just want to say hello to everyone here.
  2. Fresh start

    This year is a fresh new start at life for me. I started the year well I have a job and my own place to live which I have been at for about 7 months. A lot has changed in such a short period of time for me. I spent nearly all of my life looking down feeling that I had no future. Now I look up and see that I have a future that I can make my life good. I am happy with the way things are now and I hope they stay that way.
  3. That unexplained bad feeling-explained

    Ever had that strange feeling that something bad was about to happen and then it happened well heres a very complicated answer. On days that something bad is about to happen we get bad feelings and feel sick and sad and depressed. When the event happens we are shocked to the core because somehow we knew that it was going to happen. Michael Drosnin wrote a book called the bible code which said that hidden codes are in the bible about future events. A few years later several people found they could ...
  4. Object near the moon

    I have seen a rather strange cool unknown object near the moon for the past few months. Its incredibly bright and I would estimate a fifth of the size of the moon. It follows the orbit of the moon starting low and ending high in the sky. It gets brighter every time I see it and also appears alot larger.
  5. Predictions for the next 5 years

    This all just theory and possibility. Some of you may view this as controversial. Predictions for England: unemployment to grow to around 8-10 million people. Very low economy. Many small companies to go under because they can't pay off loans or earn enough. Large companies struggling. Stock market crashes around late 2011 early 2012. Trouble at the bank of England late 2011. House prices to go down a lot. Amount of people homeless to rise. Numerous bad winters very cold.

    Predictions ...
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