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  1. Blank Field

    Not even a slate or a canvas, for I do not know if it is flat. In the mind frame of emptiness and openness to opportunity, I come to you. (as my cat rises up on her haunches and licks her armpit yes hmmm...)

    leaf cells small and obscure, bistratose... but now the cat firmly puts down her paw on them all you see is the picture before you not the words. it stresses the rows of small chambers. the separating chambers that form the flow and network function.

    Spaces... ...
  2. Last Girl On Earth

    Baby has a broken heart
    She can't belong to only one
    Until another girl is found

    I don't pay for anything
    My cigarettes or diamond rings
    My feet don't even touch the ground

    Chariots of gold
    I ride with Eazy- Christian Bale
    I'm a super power, now they call me the tornado
    I've got roses in my hair, I belly dance and do the tango
    Sometimes I get lonely, everybody told me no

    No one lives forever,
    But that's
  3. Aspects of my Halloween Ritual

    The candles being lit, one in the room of dark reckoning, one in the room of ethereal memorial. purple light, ultraviolet light, orange light, and the glow of the room moon, and the photo momento initiated. and what was it drew me, to realize that I should visit the tarot cards, and this the image of my cat appearing, instructing. do the tarot cards and read them in the context of Grace (Gracie is my cat).

    So I enter the room and sit down, and start the shuffle. to draw 2 (wildwood ...
  4. Regarding transformation

    A caterpillar curling up
    itself by the weight of a
    raindrop a sigh of the wind
    a glimpse of the light or
    by the finger of a child

    A tadpole a frog by
    the kiss of a
    maiden the prince

    A caterpillar curling up
    itself cocooning carrying
    its chrysalis whilst in
    slow slow motion skinshedding
    skinbreaking into butterflying
    with wings waving the colours
    and its tall tongue turning or
    curling sucking ...
  5. Regarding an Angel

    Your yourness seems
    my myness my
    hereness your hereness;
    were I to whisper
    your praise it would seem
    like whispering my own

    Thee areth as I am and
    simultaneously you are
    your very own otherness like
    no other otherness as I
    am my otherness

    I searched and researched
    for wordings to
    name its nature - as
    no words came I now
    wish no name; its
    nature shall remain unnamed
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