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  1. Putin Propaganda Protection & Prevention

    "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin

    This information is relevant for all internet forums, but especially for all New Age, Alternative News and Conspiracy Research forums, which have been especially heavily targeted by Russian Intelligence Services and their ''Troll Armies'', in order to spread anti-American/Western and pro-Putin/Russian propaganda.

    With the recent news, that the budget of Russia Today will significantly increase ...
  2. Psi and the Liberation

    M'Friend, the other night you showed me that bit in the bible, 2 Chronicle 34, especially around verses 14-31. Now am I to understand the implications of this ....... the TRUE implications? That I may as I wih read you right.

    If you keep your focus on how you be, not what you do, then whatever you do will bring fulfillment.

    was I asking about fulfillment though? I was asking about you. You are saying it is not the what and the actions, but the being and the how ...
  3. Safe Haven

    This is the world I go escape to in my mind.... it's like a different dimension to me
  4. Advice for America

    With radical Islam on the rise, on-going conflict and turmoil in the Middle East, military aggression coming from Putin-led Russia, economic aggression and political suppression originating out of China and political chaos ensuing in Europe, etc., the United States of America and its citizens will be the only force powerful enough to balance out and to direct this chaos and volatile energy into a positive direction and outcome.

    I have confidence in the leadership of President
  5. Reflections around Robin Williams

    This will take me a while to wrtie out.... so much.

    One advantage of living alone in the woods, I am free to run into the dark of night screaming "You Stupid Fuck!" with all my tearing rage. I scream that in great love and grief.

    So why now tonight, Psi you bring this to my attention when my computer internet goes haywire:

    I recall back that incident of the Fisher King. ...
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