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  1. Smiled so much my face is sore! Pt 2

    Here I am with the only other person to get an autograph. So so happy!

    BTW, I'm sweaty from being smashed into place by the crowd for a few hours. I don't do drugs. I also don't do heatstroke, hence the sportsbra. I was the happiest girl on the planet for a while. Thank you to Madeon and your ...
  2. Smiled so much my face is sore! Pt 1

    This is my first blog here...I've been going to electronic dance music shows since 2005. This last one was just SO special, I have to share!

    The artist is Madeon, from France. He is of age to be a senior in high school. Though I've seen approx 400 live sets, this was one of the rare times where I felt connected to the DJ in a way I can't explain.
    The venue was packed to its max of 1500 ...
  3. Introduction

    Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name's SurrealSerpent, what's yours? Ha ha, I've never considered creating a blog, but when this website presents you with one so readily, it's almost refreshing!
    I guess I'll create one as of now. Look forward to seeing some of my writing, experiences, stories, art work, and more in the future! I look forward to helping out others as well as myself.
    Thank you, and have a peaceful day!
  4. 2013 Fall of Psi

    seems to me it's been a while since we talked, but then we've'talked'. Cut hand? smashed ceramic? dashed bumpers? the charge recurring? and this endeavor I have sifted into..... what are you like?

    I had sung to you the New Beginning. you say it is a journey and a war of your spirit.... but you were arrived when you were born into freshness. the feet of your walking is the dusting, and you think there is 'a place' and you think there is a 'place' in me. but there is no ...
  5. Law of Attraction: success = superiority

    Quote Originally Posted by rafi View Post
    Pardon me for this double post. I write in detail, and therefore don't want to take up even more room in this thread. But it's an important subject, and I hope that a relevant reflection is welcome.

    I was re-reading everyone's comments. Each adds something different to the discussion; time here is well spent. At post #13, Zaik brings up the Law of Attraction (LoA.) That comment, and replies by rabana and Leila, got me to look again at the piece by Cameron Day. They're right--