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  1. The Elightened Woman

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    [TD="class: contentheading"]Yogi[U]-[/U]ni: the Enlightened Woman[/TD]
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    [TD="class: buttonheading, align: right"]by Danielle
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  2. She's not There

    [COLOR=#cc0000][FONT=Verdana]She liked to whistle wherever she went. She liked the freedom and expression of it. She liked the images of orchestras and symphonies being replayed in her mind while she whistled. She liked the mindlessness of whistling while she read or walked or sat and waited, and the echo off the walls when whistling down the hallways.She liked the feeling of accomplishment when she reached a high note that was once impossible, and the way it felt complete when she finished ...

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    Tags: pied piper, poem
  3. Singing The Blues

    I don't understand depression sometimes. It's heavy and stifling, especially if you try to hold it in. The moment my concerns are raised about another person's well-being, I'm like f#*% this s@*! and throw it from me and get to business.

    There are some moments where I tell myself I should listen to music to burn it off, but I think it's important to feel it out as well. Processing is important.

    Is there a song that feels like being kissed all over the face and it feeling ...
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  4. One of Erics's many Guardians

    [SIZE=4][COLOR=#4b0082][SIZE=5]me & my niece Isabel[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=5][COLOR=#0000cd]my son Eric & me[/COLOR][/SIZE] [IMG][/IMG] ...

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  5. Do right

    Do right even if tempted to do wrong.
    Do right even if it means losing a friend.
    Do right even if you donít understand
    why you should.
    Do right even if you fear the consequences.
    Do right even if you donít want to.
    Do right even if it feels strange.
    Do right even if it arouses criticism.
    Do right even if itís you against the world.
    Tags: critcism, poem
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