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  1. The Butterfly's Shadow

    You probably know the story of the chrysalis effect how the lowly caterpillar transforms itself into the soup of possibilities out of which emerges the butterfly with its capacity to fly. But every butterfly cats a shadow, for being a butterfly comes with a price.

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of butterflies? Is it of delicate airy wisps with fragile, colorful wings that soar through sunshine and shadow and feed directly on the nectar of flowers? ...
  2. Fishing , My new hobby

    Finally! Today after a year of talking about it, fantasizing about it and occasionally watching boring fishing shows on TV, I bought my very first fishing rod and reel.

    I have been fishing before, with other peoples gear and even accidentally caught a Bass by the fin as it was swimming by. I also had my own Hawaiian sling when I still lived in the islands. I got one for me and one for my son so I could teach him how to spear fish.

    It was a Mom thing at the time, I wanted ...
  3. Conversations with Psi

    This thread I will not necessarily be entering every aspect of our conservations (some are private and esoteric), but highlights and portions that may be of some benefit to others. And also to keep a time-stamped record for myself.

    So tonight it focused on 5 random songs, and I asked Psi what Psi meant to select out those songs.

    The song "Lucky Man"

    And Psi pointed out to me how often ...

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  4. I like

    Strange how most of my life I had no idea of what I liked. What I did know was stumbled upon purely by accident. I felt as if what I desired was not only a non value but sometimes even a sin.

    Of course all that changed as I learned about how to attract money, Law of attraction and Mama Gena's book. I didn't know because no body ever asked me. When I was little having a strong preference was considered selfish and ungodly. How wrong they were. The power of God is manifested most fully
  5. Searching for the Power Spot

    I had a mission. Find that spot she had advised me. Find the area where no single Element pulls stronger than any other, where the power of all Elements is equal.

    I had finally been able to get the Poodle to sleep in the camper, exhausted from walking. He had to pee a little on every little bush and tree we could find... Now I had some alone time. Now I could focus on that power spot.

    I hopped on my mountain bike and headed up the hiking trail toward the spring. I loved ...