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  1. Soaring Into the Storm

    God I love a thunderstorm.

    No, let me correct that - I love the build up to a thunderstorm; the roiling black clouds that build up on the horizon, the increasing pressure in the air, the heady scent of ozone and the wind as it starts gusting through my yard making the roses toss their heads; shaking off random petals and the trees to turn their leaves inside out as if they were opening up invisible umbrellas.

    It's times like this when I find myself heading out of doors ...
  2. Your Purpose In Life

    I am floating on my back in the warm sea of my meditation. The waters, salty, make me buoyant and drowsy as they gently lift me and lower me with the rhythm of the Astral waves.

    I have allowed the current to drift me closer to my Island. Eyes still closed against the warm sun I feel and hear the edge of the sea shushing against the sandy beach.

    With a slow breath I slowly sit up in the softly swaying surf and let my arms ride limp at my sides yielding to the pulse of ...
  3. Lost Lord

    [CENTER][SIZE=2]Sticks and stones will break my bones,and words will also hurt me.
    My specs are broke,
    The fire's toast,[/SIZE]
    And the hungry hunters devoured me.

    Hunters and kill went up the hill
    to fetch a torch of fire.
    Jack, (lets call him Jack) fell down,
    didn't break his crown,
    but set the whole island on fire.
    They donít smell me, he says
    They see me.
    So I need a face to hide behind.
    One that letís ...
    Tags: hate, lord, poem
    Indigo Related , Personal
  4. So...It's Settled

    [CENTER][SIZE=2][COLOR=Pink]So...It's Settled[/COLOR]

    I don't love you...
    I can't love you...i wont...and im a crazy bitch
    As a matter of a fact I don't want to love you
    Because see...
    Love is a word thats been watered down through time
    But this time there is
    NOTHING watered down
    about how I think i feel about you...
    and like so many that have been in love
    the word love has been
    abused... ...
    Tags: denial, hate, love
    Spirituality , Personal
  5. My Way

    [CENTER][SIZE=2][COLOR=Green]My Way[/COLOR]

    I don't need you to smile, I can smile on my own,
    I don't need you to feel loved; I'd rather be alone, i like it that way.
    I don't need you to laugh, because here I am still laughing,
    I don't need you to live, I don't see myself dying.

    I'm fine,
    I don't need you to be mine.
    I don't need to cry over the times apart,
    I'm fine without you; I've closed my heart,
    so that ...
    Tags: hate, life, love