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  1. Theosis, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Gnosis

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    Hey magisterium; You can look up someone's posts by clicking on their IS name. I often do that to make sure I understand someone's point of view.

    Okay; about theosis... anyway, I don't recommend just looking it up on-line. Unless you're familiar with the complicated and specialized vocabulary of Eastern Orthodox theology. Frankly, much of it is often about chiding western theologians, particularly Roman Catholics.

    I'll do my best to interpret. Basically, it's about
  2. The Importance of Ego to Spiritual Life

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    Very well said! Obviously out of understanding the subject. And a creative interpretation as well.

    IMHO, too many New Agers simply cough up bits they've only half digested. I especially love quotations from best seller gurus who urge getting rid of ego, yet have their own faces plastered prominently on book covers. Ego is simply another term for identity. In order to get beyond ego in the sense of selfishness and self-centeredness, a stable self-awareness must be developed
  3. The Moon and Sixth Sense

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    To clarify... I replied in more or less rationalist/scientific mode because that was the approach of the original article. If an argument is supposedly based on "facts," then it's fair to ask for that kind of proof. It's also fair to point out what is left out. Or noting the tone of the article-- which was an intense focus on fear and anger. And that the lack of any empathetic expression was notable for its absense.

    AmentiHall is very familiar with this, but just
  4. Smiled so much my face is sore! Pt 2

    Here I am with the only other person to get an autograph. So so happy!

    BTW, I'm sweaty from being smashed into place by the crowd for a few hours. I don't do drugs. I also don't do heatstroke, hence the sportsbra. I was the happiest girl on the planet for a while. Thank you to Madeon and your ...
  5. Smiled so much my face is sore! Pt 1

    This is my first blog here...I've been going to electronic dance music shows since 2005. This last one was just SO special, I have to share!

    The artist is Madeon, from France. He is of age to be a senior in high school. Though I've seen approx 400 live sets, this was one of the rare times where I felt connected to the DJ in a way I can't explain.
    The venue was packed to its max of 1500 ...