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  1. Kayla

    Today two months ago my little sister decided to take her life... and these have been the hardest two months of my life...
    Even those we weren't related by blood, she was my sister... and I was hers, when nobody else was....
    One of my greatest joys became my biggest sorrow and all I wish for is that she is now at peace...
  2. Book 6, Chapter/#<NULL>.

    The Kiosk lies dormant and much time passes.
  3. When Can I Go Home

    (a passage I wrote sometime back; interpret it however you like)

    That longing sensation that you're not where you belong, that there's something...someplace...somewhere... It's out there and its calling for you! But how do you respond? How do you send a simple message, an SOS, how do you reach out and say,

    "Come take me away."

    The words are lost in a billow of wind, carried away, into nothing but dark night skies. No shimmer of stars to lull ...
    Tags: literature, poem
  4. Feng Shui: Living In Harmony

    I have practiced Feng Shui since my late teens, for almost 15 years now. This documentary about Feng Shui is the best documentary I have watched on the practice and the topic. I have watched it several times over the years, and always come back to it, if I need some additional inspiration and good energy. It was mostly filmed in Hong Kong and in Germany. Authentic Feng Shui survived in Hong Kong (and Taiwan), but not in Mainland China, because Hong Kong was a British Colony till 1997. Hong

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  5. Reluctant Revolutionary - Life of Martin Luther

    This is a high-quality PBS documentary about the life of Martin Luther and his role in the Protestant Reformation.

    Martin Luther (10 November 1483 18 February 1546):

    Reluctant Revolutionary

    Video Link:

    Uploaded on Mar 30, 2009 - Luther teaches