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  1. Alex Jones Paid By The Koch Brothers?!

    I have been critical of Alex Jones over the years, but I still always gave him the benefit of the doubt and had hope for him and even supported him, because he did, in my opinion, some good work here and there, that served the general spread of Truth and Justice. I have not been on the Infowars website for almost 2 years now, and I haven't watched any of his Youtube videos for over a year.
    As things stand as of now for me, Alex Jones and his show and content is nothing more than ''Fox News ...
  2. No End

  3. Meaning & Cosmos

    Quote Originally Posted by rafi View Post
    In the 1950s, Alfred Korzybski wrote General Semantics. Wherein he warned about the use of what he called the "is" of identity. Example: Friedrich is a fascist! Implying an unchanging trait. How can this be objectively measured? Where is the fascist-o-meter? In what Korzybsky called E-Prime, the statement becomes Friedrich appears to be a Fascist to me. After all, Friedrich could change. And who made the judgement emerges... I did!

    Same for claims here like: 1. An unending
  4. A time for everything

    I don't feel good today.

    Please help me by sending me positive love if I have ever done anything to make you feel loved in return.
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  5. Really...

    Nice view this morning!!! UMMMMMM! Yummy... I wonder if I tweeted the real one if he would be willing to let me compare. Guys hate it when the size comes in to's really not something to discuss, but as a tool of recognition...that would be weird now wouldn't it.... I wonder if money is still being exchanged for know...I wonder if I do have a price expensive purses...maybe...and I thought I owed someone my life, how do you repay that...what's the thank you ...

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