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  1. When Can I Go Home

    (a passage I wrote sometime back; interpret it however you like)

    That longing sensation that you're not where you belong, that there's something...someplace...somewhere... It's out there and its calling for you! But how do you respond? How do you send a simple message, an SOS, how do you reach out and say,

    "Come take me away."

    The words are lost in a billow of wind, carried away, into nothing but dark night skies. No shimmer of stars to lull ...
    Tags: literature, poem
  2. Star Tears

    Star Tears

    Let me know.
    Tell me for once.
    I've wanted to know for so long.

    You know...
    The silence is killing me.
    Don't let it go on forever.
    Twinkling like the stars in the sky,
    Don't go on forever...

    I swear...
    I will never let go.
    So smile, my dear.
    It wont be forever.

    Don't let me let me go!
    Don't glance back and tell me,

    Updated 02-21-2014 at 08:26 PM by SurrealSerpent

    Tags: poem
  3. A Vision

    I saw a vision -
    Of a young girl,
    with her outstretched hand,
    pressed gently -
    against the muzzle,
    of a terrifying monster.

    It had no eyes.
    With a serpentine body,
    Stretched raw like brown leather.
    Its gaping mouth was lined -
    with rows and rows of vicious teeth,
    made for killing - made for death.

    Yet this girl,
    so innocent, so pure,
    with deep, forgiving eyes,
    would greet this beast so happily
    Tags: poem
  4. Paradise After Years

    What happens when you leave something you love behind? What happens when you realize you are nothing without it? What happens when you then spend every living, waking moment from then on out...looking for it, searching for it, aching for it? Then what happens when you find it once again?


    Paradise After Years

    At first it was rosy,
    like a fresh little peach,
    Always here in sight,
    Right within your reach.

    You loved it so,
    Tags: paradise, poem
  5. Where I'm From (Poem)

    Where I'm From

    I am from a witch's den,
    nestled among lumber.
    From chiming, glass fish,
    with their glittering bellies.
    I am from the skeletal buck,
    and their snowy hills.

    I am from chromatic scales,
    and molten liquor breath.
    From a flash green fair,
    with a jagged obsidian maw.
    I am from doors upon doors upon doors...
    A sacred myriad of unknown tales.

    I am from a post-apocalyptic stadium.
    Tags: fun, poem
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