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In reference to alternative methods of transportation

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  • In reference to alternative methods of transportation

    So I'm thinking the other day... Yep. Teleportation. You read my mind. Its 3 o'clock in the am. And I'm peeing on some guys shoes next to me in the urinal and he doesnt know it. good. I cant drive. I cant see. I cant pee straight. I CAN however, still drink. this is a common dilemma. So I'm thinking if this guy realizes whats happening to his Air Force Ones...I'm fucked. "Jim" Beam me outta here Scotty. I could drink forever. Its only 1 o'clock in Cali. Beam me there. Beam me to Malaysia. Beam me away from this scary tall man with the skull-cap on. I mean you can see the benefits here. right? yes. you can. So what if you dont drink. 4.00 dollars a gallon for gasoline?.. eh. fuck that... teleport. late to work. teleport. mouthed off to the wrong guy who just realized you defaced his multi-colored Hey seriously, I'll tell you like I told that person who called me asking to vote for their party in the upcoming election. "So what does your candidate plan to do about the scientific exploration into alternative methods of transportation?" how about teleportation?" "Is he for it?" "I am." (dial-tone) "Hello?!"
    "I have HDADHD, High Definition Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. I can hardly pay attention, but when I do, it is remarkably clear. Another day. Another maze. Another question. Another theory. It begins. Again. -ATT
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