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  • STOP and smell the Universe

    Has anyone REALLY stopped and smelled the universe? It is a crazy thought to think about that we are IN space. Our planet is spinning on its axis at just over 1000 mph. We are zipping around the sun at speeds around 66,600 mph. Our star, and the rest of our solar system is spinning around The Milky Way Galaxy at speeds of 558,000 mph. Within the "Local Group" of galaxies. Our Milky Way is moving at speeds of 666,000 mph. This is happening NOW. To US. Using the word "outer-space", makes it feel as if its not really happening to us. No matter who you are, you are on this journey with me, this joy-ride we call life. The problem is, everyone wants to drive. No one wants to look up. LOOK UP! Go outside and LOOK UP! You have a window view of amazingness. We go about our day, rich and poor, free and enslaved. We hardly look up and wonder.
    "I have HDADHD, High Definition Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. I can hardly pay attention, but when I do, it is remarkably clear. Another day. Another maze. Another question. Another theory. It begins. Again. -ATT

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    How many times must a man look up
    before he can see the sky?

    At times I do pause and still and focus on all the unnoticed motions. Can get a little dizzy. Bit of a day trip. so much wonder and excitement, all the time, passing us by, so many ways our eyes and ears and taste and smell could be opened

    Now, the Thanksgiving before the last Thanksgiving there was a near conjunction in space. I believe it was Venus, and Jupiter in near allignment near the crescent moon at sunset. And often I would pase and look up there. And realize. Venus is closer to the sun than we are. And Jupiter (or was it Saturn?) is further from the sun than we are. Then that little dark space in the sky between them --- that is us! Our flight path. Someday, WE will be standing somewhere THERE, that dark spot in space, when our planet moves toward there.

    The Sky has Fallen, and we Stride among the Stars!

    all in a fantastically ordinary matter of quotidien wonder
    Dum Spiro Spero Meliora
    .... but why hope for better when you can settle for best!


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