There's a lot about me, really. I just don't find I should be posting for everyone, cause it would make me look like a loon. Through waking, I have learned to unlearn science and thus I have been able to see through the cracks.

There are certain 'Starseeds' I am looking for, now.

Yeah, yeah, I might be here for the planet, blah, blah, blah, but there's more going on than a planet in peril and a race that is damning themselves because of greed.

I might come across as snotty or even conceited (Trust me, I am anything but! lol), but this I must say... the technology that I am familiar with and know makes the technology to society on Earth seem stone age-ish. I feel like I am walking somewhere wheres people could be a lot smarter. But oh wait, it's all about the money.
Wanna call me snotty? Go for it, because if you think this, than you are blind and I want nothing to do with you.

If you're curious as to why I say it then, hell, yeah, let's chat

The English language is a difficult language when you run out of words to be able to use, because what you are trying to explain cannot be put into words people will understand. I find this rather funny, yet frustrating as well.

Wanna call me stupid? Go right ahead, another reason I want nothing to do with you. Otherwise you'd understand that language goes beyond the spoken.

If you know what I speak of, then let's have a talk - you interest me.

Engines. I think that's what they can be called. I wanna call them something that starts with N, throws bluish rays as it goes, and is rather quiet. I could prolly build it, but don't ask me what runs it LOL.

What is yellow, sparkly, glows and is like mercury? Couldn't tell ya. No idea if it is hot or cold, just that (Whatever it is) it can run a special engine. Don't ask me how, I just know it can. I was told the fluid... mercury glowy stuff was magnesium. I am not sure if it is the same or not.

Do NOT preach to me about God or whatever. I don't wanna hear how 'Mary is all that awesome' or how 'Jesus is gonna save the day'. I acknowledge that there might be these religions, but do not talk to me about it.
Wanna call me a satanist? Have fun. It means you're narrow minded. Another quality I find unimpressive.

Making me look like fun to be around huh? or is that conceited? Either way, I ain't that way. There are just people on this planet that bug the shit outta me. Believe in your god on your own time. Not on mine.

If you are still reading this, then obviously I have caught your attention. Either I have freaked you out, or you're wondering how I know the things I do. Maybe you're wondering if I am a mean person because of the God comment or the tech comment? I can be, ask anyone who knows me. Maybe this girl is an alien? Ha, I could be, but if you didn't think you might be just a little bit, then you prolly woulda seen the site and left again :P

Personally I am just me and I enjoy a good laugh just as everyone else does. I am rarely serious (Only when I have to be) and I as smart-mouthed as they come. Some people find me hard to get along with, but they usually learn that if something sounds like it's said in jest, don't pay attention to me :P

*train of thought derail*

When I think of more shit to put here, I will... forgot what I was doing...

...I still want Starscream.