our class had free time one day so my friends and i went onto the computers. so i logged onto IS (you probably think im bananas by now). and yes... i knew people were going to criticize IS, because i was so sure they would want to see what im doing, but i was curious on what they would say... it wouldnt change much anyway cause they would go on thinking their own way and i would go on thinking mine.

i was typing in my username when a friend next to me asked "indigosociety... what's that?"

"oh, its a forum." i spoke confidently.

"for what?" she was quite interested until i told her it was for indigo children, then she tilted her head in confusion.

" its people with an indigo aura which means their intuitive, you know."

she considered psychics a possibility, but she didnt quite understand them.
"oh." she quickly turned her head around and went about her business

"that's gay. i turned around to see another girl that was sitting in a desk behind me.

"no its not." I kept my tone light.

"yea. it is."

"well, then if what i like makes me a loser, then i'm totally ok with that." i smiled sweetly and went back to logging in.

"i dont think its gay." my friend another two computers down came to sit next to me. she did not understand much about indigos, but she supported me.

another guy came by and asked about it too. i was just about to explain it simply when the first friend that asked budged in.

"oh, its some website for special people." she made a hand movement signaling it was nothing of importance and the guy left.

i guess i kinda 'tested' my friends that way. i did embarass myself, but i didnt regreat doing it lol. in the end i just laugh about it.