it starts at the orca tank in sea world lol, and im in the water swimming with these wonderful animals... i was holding the fins of one when they send me a telepathic message... let us out...i was holding onto Hugo, which is one whale that Miaami sequarium had, but he died..(i know this was sea world in the dream but it was mixed, it was basiclly maybe all the orcas in captivity) they leaped into the air, i was still holding onto him, then i let go in mid-air,and i then i noticed i was dreaming..and i did not wake up,( i usually do...) in every water dream im always a dolphin so i took that opportunity..(haha) i splashed into the water and looked at the human faces from the glass... and then a feeling of hopelessness went through me, and i suddenly felt trapped. i swam to the surface to see th whales and Lolita the killer whale, and they were in a middle of a show, and yea, i had to participate... it was depressing for me :| after that, the whales (paticularly lolita) sent me a warm feeling...of comfort..of hope. just like a hug, and i felt better... then we went into this different 'world', we were in the same place, but there was sound everywhere and this whole different feeling i cant describe.. and then the dream ended. it was very weird, but cool at the same time. im pretty sure that was a message... let us out... i can't forget that.