I have heard and dealt with this kind of spirit activity before. It is usually centered around teenagers who are going through a particularly stressful time in their lives and sometimes starts up when there is construction going on in the area that you live.

No problem to get rid of. Know that you and your friend have the authority and birthright to tell this spirit to go away and not return. This type of entity thrives off of fear and stress. They will even torment your pets in order to feed of the fear from the animals. This spirit has to obey you and it knows this. It is probably trying to convince you to be afraid of it, hoping that you are not aware of your spiritual power over it.

1. Prepare. Pray and meditate. Focus on asking for divine guidance and protection. I like to use a sage smudge or incense, a bell and a blessed water and salt to cleanse and clear the space.

2. You can do this yourself but you may find it more comfortable with a good spiritual friend to help. If at all possible it is good to have the owner of the home do the cleansing, as they have the highest authority over the space. You might not have that opportunity, especially if the owner is not around or is not a spiritual person.

3. Enter through the most used door to the house. With your burning incense, begin the cleansing by praying for God/ the angels , what ever your religion is, to bless and protect you and to banish all harmful and negative energies from this space. Ring the bell before you enter each room, hallway and closet. Allow the smoke to waft into each room clearing and dissolving all the harmful energies and then seal each space with the blessed salt water so the negative energies cannot return.

4. Leave one window or door open to usher the negative entities out of. Pray that all the negative energy be dissolved and returned to the universe to be used in a positive way. Finally close the window or door and leave out the way you came in praying for blessings on the house and all who enter it.

5. You will feel a difference in the way the light looks in the home, brighter and welcoming. The air will feel fresh and happy too. Good job. You have just cleansed and cleared a house.

6. Maintain a blessed home by keeping it clean and organized, making up after fights, and celebrating happy occasions in the space, like birthday parties, family dinners and singing.