Ever had that strange feeling that something bad was about to happen and then it happened well heres a very complicated answer. On days that something bad is about to happen we get bad feelings and feel sick and sad and depressed. When the event happens we are shocked to the core because somehow we knew that it was going to happen. Michael Drosnin wrote a book called the bible code which said that hidden codes are in the bible about future events. A few years later several people found they could find the same hidden codes in other normal everyday books. If most books can be translated to reveal future events and past events then perhaps all knowledge of these events is imprinted onto the human subconsciousness and kept hidden. Basically this might account for every vision, deja vu and feeling that something might happen. Nostradamus is proof that it is real and the secrets can be unlocked. Humans only use roughly 2% of their brain perhaps some of the other 98% is ultimate knowledge.