For the last 9 months I have been experiencing hallucinations and delusions the problem has slowly got worse and worse. My ocd has got severe and the hallucinations slowly creeped in and my obsessions turned into delusions. A hallucination for the person experiencing it is as real as a person stood next to them it completely fools all the senses it looks real, it seems real, the mind says it is completely real, it is thought made real. A delusion is a false belief that the mind completely believes to be true despite knowledge that it is not. The mind perceives both the hallucinations and delusions to be completely real that the persons life is in danger and reacts appropiately making the person feel scared, anxious, terrified, panic, all the defences are up. The worst thing is that the person is aware of every single moment of what is happening is aware that its not real even though it feels that way. Its like what the person knows and what the mind knows are in conflict. The thing that gives the hallucinations and delusions so much power is the amount of stress and anxiety that they cause. A thought that would normally cause a small amount of anxiety now has the power of a phobia. Ignoring a hallucination or delusion is not just incredibly hard its not a good idea it wont make them go away or stop and will add to its power. Fighting against it is like fighting a shadow its just going to cause more pain and exhaustion. Resisting it is hard to do but for me seems to help a lot.