This is a long post. Okay so for the last 9 months and more I have been suffering from hallucinations and delusions and it was really beginning to destroy me I found it hard to get through a day a single day felt like 2 whole weeks, I found it hard to do the most simple tasks, I had stopped doing alot of things like going long walks, jogging and running, writing, reading a book because they were stressing me out too much the problem had slowly taken over my life it was destroying me.

I had tried every technique and strategy and idea I could think of to cope and manage all of which had worked for a short while but had all stopped working it felt like my mind had completely turned against itself. I was beginning to give up and no one really seemed to help me or even care apart from my mum and a few friends. I visited the doctors and after going through alot of people that again weren't helping I went to yet another doctor and this doctor turned out to be very helpful. The doctor told me to write all my symptoms down and thats what I did. I realised that if I stepped back and focused on the secondary symptoms physical balance was off, dizziness, headaches, felt like I had a cold all the time, nausea, felt itchy everywhere, felt extremely tired all the time. I came up with the answer to my problem.

The answer had been staring me in the eyes the whole time but I had ruled it out and missed it. The answer was high histamine. My body was overproducing histamine making me feel like I had constant hayfever, I was having food allergies to any food that had alot of histamine in which I didn't realise is quite alot of foods. I no longer have these foods.

Another part of the problem are what triggers histamine things like stress and anxiety are at the top of the list, dust and pollen, cold weather. When I put stress I don't just mean a bad day or an argument I also mean any time the heartbeat is raised above a certain point so walking, jogging and running and other exercises, feeling sick, getting angry.

I started taking antihistamines a week ago and I am slowly feeling better I know its a long road to recovery and I have to stay strong.