About three weeks ago I was at a county fair with my youngest daughter and her friend. While waiting for them to tire themselves out on rides or make themselves sick with cotton candy, I wandered around the displays and booths, and found, at a stand selling cheap jewelry, a selection of jemstones.

I always stop for stones, always curious as to how they got where they are, why those particular stones were selcted etc. Well, along with some pink quartz discs someone had etched with zodiac symbols, a few pieces of agate etc, there was a piece of quartz crystal that I simply couldn't take my eyes off of.

It was a cluster of quartz at the bottom, with two fused crystal spires grown together at the top. The tag said "Brazilian Quartz Crystal" but for some reason that didn't feel right. I asked the woman where she had gotten it from, and she said that a friend of hers had actually been in Brazil and had picked up this piece along with a few others at a roadside stand in some small village.

As it was almost closing time, she told me I could have the piece for free if I wanted, it was the last night of the fair and the piece hadn't sold and she really wasn't "into crystal". So I took it, but I gave her a few dollars for it anyway.

I took it home and cleaned it, let it charge outside over the 22/23 Full Moon/Equinox. Saturday night was the first time I actually did anything with it. And what happened blew me away.

I slept with it - that's all. Kept it under my pillow, but my GOD, it was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I use quartz regularly, and it usually gives a clarity to dreams, but this - this was something else altogether.

First of all - I didn't sleep. Not a regular sleep. My body slept just fine, but my mind was wide awake and experienced every moment of what happened next, strange thing was, when I woke up, I was in no way whatsoever tired:

Imagine a three dimensiona web; a spider's web whose strands are composed not of a spider's sticky fillaments, but of pure light; but not light as we know it. this is living light; purest pulsing rainbow hues of light, each strand throbbing with pure consciousness.

Now, imagine finding yourself caught up in that thread, but not caught. Caught is far too negative of a word for it implies that you would rather not be caught, when in truth, wrapped up in that web of conscious light, there was no place else I wanted to be. Ever.

And finally, imagine being filled by that light, and feeling that consciousness streaming through you, and around you....and you'll get an idea of what I'm trying to convey here. But even so, words are going to elude me, I think I need new words.

This has happened two nights in a row now. I'm not an expert on stones and gems, but I've handled a good number of them, and this was - IS unlike anything I've dealt with before.