Before we get into the nuts and bolts of Twin Flame Meditation it helps to understand just what a Twin Flame is and what meditating on your twin flame and/or bringing your energy into alignment with twin flame energy will do in your life. Now keep in mind that I am no authority. I’ve spent the last three years studying into the subject due to an experience with what I then thought was my twin flame. The information that I have put together here is based on what I have read and the meditations that I have undertaken since then. There will be those who disagree or who have other views on the matter, and that is fine. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read this


Twin flames are souls (spirits) that were created in pairs at the very beginning of the universe as we know it. These twin flames are connected through a resonate energy that is unique to each pair; a bond that cannot be severed by This energy is called Twin Flame Energy and it exists independently of any personal energy that either individual may have ‘picked up’ in this or other lifetimes. When either twin is living authentically and from their heart, they are living in their Twin Flame Energy. If both twins are living within their Twin Flame Energy then, thanks to the power of attraction, they WILL find each other.

It doesn’t matter if both of them are incarnated, or if only one is currently on the physical plane. It doesn’t matter if there is a huge age differential between them or if one or the other of them is already married or in a committed relationship. The WILL find each other. Indeed, there is no way to keep them apart or to sever the connection between them because their shared energy transcends both space and time and exists at a level that cannot be touched or shifted by any octave, dimension, frequency or any individual beings within them.

That being said, not every individual on this planet (or any other) has a twin flame. While individuals may have soul mates and soul families – each of which are necessary to personal spiritual growth and individual evolution as well as in contributing to the evolution of the planet. Twin flames, by comparison, are comparatively rare.

In spite of the fact that everyone wants to consider themselves to be special (and every person on earth IS or they wouldn’t be here at this point of time) chances are that you already know whether or not you have a twin flame, for you have most likely felt the power of that twin flame energy calling to you already; the knowledge that there is something extremely important that you have been called upon to do in order to help humanity to achieve its full potential.

We are currently seeing an influx of twin flames and a concentration of twin flame energies on Earth due to this being a pivotal point in the evolution of the planet and the fact that the energy frequencies shared by twin flames is critical to bringing earth to its ‘tipping point’ and ushering in the next phase of Earth’s evolution – in this case the spiritual evolution of humanity to a new paradigm of unconditional love and service to all of life.
Where mistakes are made are in equating this twin flame relationship in earthly terms; as the types of relationships that currently exist on the planet. The energy that is shared by Twin Flames goes far and beyond any romantic relationship as we know it.

If a pair of twin flames are incarnated (and one half of the pair is not currently on a different dimensional level or plane of existence) it is possible that the twin flame relationship may include a romantic relationship, but it could just as easily be the relationship between a teacher and a student; between individuals of disparate age, or between couples who are already married or in committed relationships with other individuals or between individuals where one is in a celibate relationship. Let me repeat – this is not about sex or finding the one person you were meant to get married to or have children with. It is about fulfilling your mission to the planet and about serving humanity.

What matters is the reason that twin flames are brought together; the commitment to working together to bring about that spiritual evolution and in using their combined energies to these ends. Everything else is negotiable.

This being said, there may be some confusion as to how it is that only one pair of a twin ‘set’ may be incarnate on earth. That is because due to the nature of the twin flame energy, it is not necessary for both twins to be present. Only one needs to be physically present in order for the dynamic energy of both to be felt. What matters is that each twin – wherever they are - be able to live and exist within that twin flame energy. When both are doing this the energy can become manifest on earth. And this is where the concept of the Twin Flame Energy Meditation comes into play.

What is a Twin Flame Energy Meditation?

When you meditate on your twin flame energy, you are not (NOT) meditating on your twin flame; on an individual person or being no matter how badly you want someone like that in your life. What you are doing is meditating on that energy that (if you are a twin flame) is at the core of your existence; that energy which, when you tap it, connects you to the very heart of the universe.

By focusing on this energy you bring your own personal energy into alignment with your core twin flame frequency (which is pre-existing and is (if you will) on a dedicated frequency. It cannot be fiddled with, changed, adjusted or manipulated by anyone or anything).

IF your twin flame has already come into alignment with this twin flame frequency; IF they are living authentically and have already committed themselves to their mission and to bringing their lives into alignment with their soul purpose, then while you are meditating on this twin flame energy you may very well feel their presence. Do not be alarmed. This is not an outside presence toying with you, it does not meant that you have to leave any relationship you are currently in order to honor it. It is simply the presence of your Other.

If your twin has been on this level for any length of time what you will feel is complete and total acceptance. No demands. No judgments. Just complete peace as well as total and unconditional love, like being enfolded by an angel’s wings.

If you feel anything less than this – if the presence you feel makes any sort of demands or starts passing judgment, break off the meditation completely as it is possible that you have not (for whatever reason) tapped into your twin flame energy.

By clearing your mind and invoking whatever protection you see fit before attempting this meditation, you should be able to avoid this sort of misunderstanding. But please – PLEASE do not attempt to tap into your Twin Flame energy unless you feel that you are ready.

Just a note before the instructions are listed: there are dozens and dozens of “recommended” twin flame meditations available out there. Some give you specific frequencies to focus on; others claim to have certain pre-set words or hypnotic phrases that will bring you into alignment. If you find one that you are comfortable with and that brings you the same results, then by all means use it! For safety and simplicity’s sake the meditation I have listed here is very basic and does not rely on any outside sources but is solely conducted within the confines of your own mind.

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