Continued from previous blog post (definition of Twin Flames).


  • Find a place where you can sit quietly without being disturbed.
  • Optional: you may light a candle if you wish. It is not necessary, but for those who have a hard time meditating without something tangible to focus on, it can help to bring your attention back to what you are doing. If you do light a candle, place it on a flat surface that is within view of where you will be sitting.
  • Turn off all electronics – these can interfere with the ability to drop into deep meditative states.
  • Take off all metal jewelry. If you wish to keep specific stones on your person, that is fine. But metals tend to give off their own frequencies that can make it harder to focus. If you do use stones, make sure that they are stones for protection or the alignment of chakras and not specifically for use with just one chakra center.
  • Seat yourself comfortably with your spine straight. You do not have to be in a traditional full or half lotus pose unless you find it comfortable.
  • Invoke whatever protections that you feel are necessary. Before doing this sort of energy work some people feel the need to erect shields. Others feel safer invoking certain entities or powers or seeing themselves encased in a bubble of white light. Do whatever works for you. Only when you feel that the necessary protections are in place should you proceed.
  • Take several long, deep breaths. The best option is to breathe slowly in for four counts, then out for four counts until you feel your body – and your mind – begin to relax. If you have trouble focusing on your breathing use your index finger and touch the indentation just below your nose and focus on that as you breathe in and out.
  • When your body has relaxed, call up a flame in your mind’s eye. This flame should be in the area of your heart. Some people prefer a violet or blue flame. Others prefer a white or gold flame. The color is not important as long as the color of the flame resonates with you. If you cannot keep the image in your mind, you may want to use your physical candle and let yourself focus on that.
  • Keep your mind (or eyes) focused on the flame of that candle. Watch its flickering warmth. Feel it the peace and love that it generates. Soon you will notice that it begins to expand within your mind until your entire body – your entire being is filled with it; encased in it. You can’t see anything but the flame and cannot feel anything but the energy that it is emitting. Don’t fight it. It may feel like you are falling into a river of light or energy. You may feel a tingling sensation as you are immersed in it. Don’t ask anything of it. Don’t expect anything of it. Just let it be.
    If you do feel a presence, as stated before, don’t be alarmed.

If you are in the right place and have reached your twin flame core energy, then this presence will not make any demands or pass any judgments. You will simply feel the love radiating off of it and may even feel it’s presence with you; around you. If, however, it gives off any emotion or energy other than unconditional love, stop the meditation immediately.

Do not be alarmed if you do not feel any presence at all. Remember, you may be the first of your twin ‘pair’ to reach this point (or, rather, to become aware of it). This will not change the feeling of the frequency; of the unconditional love, acceptance and peace that you find there.
You will most likely not be able to maintain more than a few moments’ connection on your first try to reach this twin flame energy (if you do reach it). But do not give up if you do not reach it the first time.

Once you have reached it, it will become easier and easier to establish the connection.

Fair warning, however, there WILL come a point where you will find yourself slipping into this energy frequency without the need of meditation; when it becomes a part of your life and you can feel the presence of this energy at all times. Once you have reached this point it means that the twin flame energy meditation has been successful and that you are now ready to start manifesting your energy for the good of humanity.

Thank you to everyone who has read this far, and may your experience be beneficial to you and everyone around you!