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You Think Not?

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Walking to-day on the Common,
I heard a stranger say
To a friend who was standing near him,
"Do you know I am going away?"
I had never seen their faces:
May never see them again,
But the words the stranger uttered,
Stirred me with nameless pain.
For I knew some heart would miss him,
Would ache at his "going away,"
And the earth would seem all cheerless,
For many and many a day.
No matter how glad my spirit,
No matter how light my heart.
If I hear these two words uttered,
The tear drops always start.
They are so sad and solemn,
So full of a lonely sound:
Like dead leaves rustling downward,
And dropping upon the ground.
Oh I pity the naked branches,
When the skies are dull and gray,
And the last leaf whispers softly,
"Good-bye, I am going away."
In the dreary, dripping Autumn,
The wings of the flying birds
As they soar away to the southland,
Seem always to say these words.
Where ever they may be uttered,
They fall with a sob, and sigh;
And heart-aches follow the sentence,
"I am going away--Good-bye."
O God, in Thy blessed kingdom
No lips shall ever say,
No ears shall ever hearken,
To the words "I am going away."
For no soul ever wearies
Of the dear, bright, angel band,
And no saint ever wanders,
From the sunny, golden land.

[URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL] gotta go........gotta run

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Updated 03-12-2012 at 11:54 AM by yogidee

Tags: goodbye, poem


  1. Odin's Avatar
    Why you make it sound like they're never coming back
  2. yogidee's Avatar,... its the heart feeling sad is all,....and hearts are treacherous you know..i wish i didnt have a heart at times....and im talking about myself, not another
    Updated 03-12-2012 at 11:56 AM by yogidee
  3. Maqnus's Avatar
    this one is my absolute favorite
    reminds me of when the trolls get banned
    should title it
    "I'm going away,
  4. yogidee's Avatar
    [I]hope thats a good thing then..haha[/I]
  5. SoundSIeeper's Avatar
    this one is also my most favoritest poem
  6. yogidee's Avatar
    THANKS SoundSIeeper...!!... with the name spelt
    Updated 03-14-2012 at 02:34 PM by yogidee
  7. Im Ian and Im Mad Grrrrrr's Avatar
    wanna cyber?

    who am I kidding,

    I'm Ian, and I'm gay
    I wish my name was "gay"-- three letters, wouldn't be a big change.
  8. yogidee's Avatar
    i hope u didnt put that nasty picture on my blog u sicko
  9. Samuel L Jackson's Avatar
    I hope Ian didn't either, he is a sick fuck.
  10. yogidee's Avatar
    THAT WAS PRETTY SICK....:cool: whats wrong with you?