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The Ultimate (Road Course) Race Car Simulator: Reminds Me Of My (Misspent?) "Youth"

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  • The Ultimate (Road Course) Race Car Simulator: Reminds Me Of My (Misspent?) "Youth"

    Looks pretty realistic -- no competition, but good "practice". During my "youth" - early 20s, i did SCCA sports car (road course) racing -- G-Production (Nissan 1500cc) -- this is really how it does look. I never got over 100 MPH -- this looks a bit faster in parts. Quite fun

    This looks about right for "real life" and includes G Prod.

    OMG, i found this -- this is the course i raced on. I was in law school at the time and racing helped to balance out the boredom and despair of studying and classes
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