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    Hey, i have started to write a book, i am only on chapter one of it, but the characters and setting, all feel to real, i know it could be just my imagination and everythig, butit felt that what it is like and things in it were actually real, i mean it might be nothing, but i was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this feeling...?

    Cárne the watcher

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    mr. crick of the movie stranger than fiction knows of what you feel,
    myself knows feelings of being pro/anta gonist of my own narrative.

    proposal ; make your developing storyline public maybe "your" characters will reveal themselves from out here.


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      It could be deja vu .... you've already written it once before ... or
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          thnks, its coming on well, i dont know what the feeling is but yeh its weird....
          Cárne the watcher


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            weird or new?

            Maybe is teh first time you notice you might write and experience something else at teh same time. To write help alot to process expereinces of our mind and senses we are not aware did happend.

            might be that you felt other people expereinces, and now build up stories with some of your perceptions?

            maybe people linked with you living any place around the world?


            Just an idea. in any case, why to worry about.
            Just write, and experience what will happend.

            If one day you meet any of your characthers or situations you describe you will find out how it works

            Just have fun. The creative experience envolve also perceptions of our dayly life, we transfrom and create with everything we perceive or perceived. Maybe a DNA, body, collective memory, or just a memory of a TV show.

            No better way to discover out than keep going. Just stay on a concrete grounded dayly life, write, enjoy, and keep growing.

            If one of the charachthers of your book knock your door with a white rabbit on the shoulder, then... another story will start, until then, just try to have fun!
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