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    As a people where are we going?

    Is our own mental capacity enough to understand?

    When the time comes to past, so many theories, what are yours?

    If you guys think about it 2012, is just like tomorrows date which in California is 5/15/09 yes the world could end tomorrow, just like it could the day after, but will it? Who is to say what will happen when, only those who exist outside of time could tell us, and even they are uncertain.

    So out of all these questions i am asking this well... community what is the common truth. Is 2012 only ever 2010, simply a year. What are your thoughts?

    From a Realist.

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    I believe that the struggle to know more is a necessary human trait and that we should always remember that our capacity to imagine an outcome is limited by what we know. What comes after 2012 is just beyond our frame - nothing more nothing less.

    Live well and let the future take care of itself.



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