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    Hey, im kinda new here. But i like the idea of getting more indigos together
    Im an interdimensional indigo and have some problems making friends(all interdimensional indigos have that problem) but i made a blog and whoever is indigo and has that problem is welcome to enter and start creating(what i mean by create, you will understand once you enter the blog and read the first post). I mean, the blog isnt just for indigos, so feel free to share your ideas people.
    The blog link:
    Interdimensional Indigos
    Its recent so i have not finished its basic construction, but keep checking it out and when i get the section you want ready, start talking
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    Those who travel between diferent realitys.....

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    So am I, but I don't like to label myself as different.

    (deleted rest cus it was irrelevant).

    Cool blog, but the color makes it hard to read the text, just a thought.

    What made you think you were inter-dimensional or different?

    We are all different but also very similar. We are all multi-dimensional so to speak.
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      There are four types of indigo. Thats why i say i im an interdimensional indigo
      your post actually put me thinking. its so full of truthfullness xD
      You are an indigo....what type?
      As for the diferent part, i find it hard to make friends, and i dont want to show my "fake" self....This is who i am....and i think im gonn have to live with it
      Thanks for the blog colour tip, i think you are right....gonn change it now lol
      Those who travel between diferent realitys.....


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        Hmmm...I'm not sure if I'm an Interdimensional Indigo. If I'm honest this is the first time I've come across the phrase. I'll have to do some research, I suppose.

        The thing I wanted to say here is that I don't have trouble making friends...well, they have to talk to me first but after that it's all good...but I have trouble keeping friends. I'm not mean or anything, but I don't know how to deal with people. I like to watch people, so sometimes I just forget to speak.

        There we go. All done.

        Sora x
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          I'm multidimensional If you look at my birth chart I'm not an Indigo but I have definite warrior qualities, am simultaneously 'the' person to be with and the total outcast, am constantly misunderstood and attacked for my truth and get ignored a large proportion of the time. Yet I attract 'friends' who become completely obsessed and clingy and think I have come to absolve them of all responsibilty for sorting out their own lives... it's a weird life I lead!! I think once I found out why I was so unhappy and had suffered so much in life I must have got on a spiritual fast track because one minute I was Indidgo and now I'm not so sure- I don't ultimately care though because knowing 'what' I am doesn't alter my experience and I am finally enjoying the ride Yay!!!!
          Sorry- I have rambled... I shall look at your blog!
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            -pokes head in-

            Labels are bad enough. Sub-labeling? Golly gee. They may work for some, but not for me. I know what you're talking about, though. I read the book, saw the website, got the t-shirt (I wish! :P). While you're here you'll get past the labeling and generalization and into the juicy good stuff. Enjoy, and good luck!

            -Klara out-


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              I would describe myself as contra-dimensional.


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                Yea agreed. Not very productive lol. My understanding is that all indigos are multi-dimensional. So I don't really understand this label.

                I think some people create belief systems, and then put em in public forum. People resonate, and then take on the labels. Hopefully, as one keeps maturing in this game- we leave the labels behind.


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                  Oh what a winding road we lead.


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                    This is where we have the confusion.Interdimensional is rather diferent from multidimensional. All indigos are multidimensional but there is a specific category wich is called interdimensional indigos.
                    here is a link for some basic research:
                    If i were you, i wouldnt question it i actually read the book...and it sayd exactly the same thing
                    Those who travel between diferent realitys.....


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                      It's not fun if it's not questionable


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                        i may be the only person at IS that doesn't mind using 'labels' (nouns and adjectives in other words) to communicate with. i warn you tho, the point you want to make will usually be swallowed up by anti-labelists.

                        i do feel that this is cutting it a bit fine tho. most of us could fit into any of those categories.
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                          pretty sure those definitions are the ones from the Doreen Virtue books. They do ring a bell. I read all the Doreen Virtue books when I first started researching about indigo's.
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                            I don't mind labels. I think they are a very important human habit that keeps me from eating the wrong things in jars ect. It's ideal to be able to entertain labels without completely identifying with them. I'm "Everything" and "Nothing". Everyone "Is" and "Isn't"


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                              I personally don't take to that kind of categorization. Especially because in that topic there is no description, mechanics, nor anything else that validates the label.

                              Although I consider myself inter dimensional, more so than perhaps some others- that label doesn't do it justice. There are different people who have labeled different kinds of indigos, so far as to talk about "transitions" such as crystal, octarine, etc. I personally don't like any of these hehe.