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The Fourth Reich In South America -- Nazis in Brazil

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  • The Fourth Reich In South America -- Nazis in Brazil

    I always wondered why the bush crime family, which helped bankroll the Nazis in WWII, had purchased extensive land holdings in Paraguay, and whether the film, "The Boys From Brazil" was factual. Well here's the answer. Yes, some of the Nazi --SS survivors did spend glorious days post war in South America, and there is a plethora of attractive Aryan descendants prospering there today. Moreover, if you wonder why many "leadership" types in Amerika act like SS, it's because they were trained by the SS. Great stuff here including the theme of "Cloning Hitler" , eugenics, and numerous relevant photos

    And from a review of a travelogue DVD on topic

    "The Last Aryans of Paraguay" are next on the agenda, as writer Derrick Beckles sets out to find Nueva Germania, a proposed Wagnerian utopia where Aryans would be able to run free without the intrusion of "undesirables", developed by Elisabeth Nietzsche and Bernhard Förster that later served as a retreat for Dr. Josef Mengele and other Nazi war criminals after World War II.

    And to discover just how well Das Vierte Reich is doing under the guise of being The European Union

    Der Hitler laechelt von seinem Grabe, wuerde ich behaupten

    And on the bush crime family land purchase
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