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sean hannity: Liar, Fascist Scumbag, Psychopath and Thief

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  • sean hannity: Liar, Fascist Scumbag, Psychopath and Thief

    Breaking news on a "person" that needs to be properly dealt with - a faux news robot, master BS artist, bully, and all around worthless POS. His "charity scam" revealed -- ripping off those he purports to support. What a shock. FU, sean -- i hope one of the patriot militias takes care of you, properly.

    In the spirit of "fairness", here's the "other side's" reply to the above. Which do you find more credible, based on the facts? (Hint -- DS is a credible attorney, and human; the reply was written by a karl rove wannabe, i "intuit")

    Later breaking news: Not to be outdone, the terminal putz, glenn beck, seems to have seen the money in the hannity scam, starts a "twin" of it of his own, and is called on it here:

    These obese, greedy, fraudulent, fascist F-ers have no decency whatsoever
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