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Things to do during a Full Moon

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  • Things to do during a Full Moon

    They say everything is more intense during a Full Moon. So what would you say are some good activities to do during a Full Moon?

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    Well......... atm I am watching my toddler behave like she has ADHD tenfold. So at 9 PM and no way she is settling down, we are making nighttime tea and going to lay in the grass on a blanket outside and look at the few stars we can see through the smog and city lights.

    My teen is in her room curled up asking me what the hell is going on. lol So we will watch a funny movie curled on the couch laughing through this night once the toddler is down for the night... if that happens.

    That's the life of a mom on a full moon!
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      Tibetans believe that the full moon is an auspicious time for any spiritual practice, since the energy is magnified several times over. Traditionally, Buddhist communities held repentance ceremonies, to release any karma accumulated during the month, or any of the previous kalpas. This is a tradition we adapted from Vedic practices which were already ancient during Buddha's lifetime. It is an excellent time for spring cleaning-- fire ceremonies-- all practices of releasing what we need to release, so that we can recover what we need to recover...


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        The poetry of life and death lie within the process.


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          put your stones out to cleanse in the moonlight.
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            Originally posted by rabana View Post
            put your stones out to cleanse in the moonlight.
            What if you're a female?


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              Full moons don't affect me in any way. Just depends on if the moon is present or not, doesn't have to be full or even visible.

              Why is that? I seem to be immune to the full moon's effects. I see it and think "oh, pretty" and.... that's it. I don't get any more excitable, aggressive, or experience any unusual change in moods.

              The only thing that may change is having more intensified dreams, but it has to be shining right in my window while I sleep for that to work. Hm... does anybody have any intense dreams during the full moon? That may be something worth exploring.


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                last night i did not slip because of the full moon to much energy , i was like dancing in my bed trying to slip , ok probably is that i meditated before going to slip + a full moon to much energy
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                  Originally posted by FirstWave View Post