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  • Project Avalon Forum?

    So I have been reading alot of stuff on Project Avalon Forum. Which I use to be a member until the whole split up with (Kerry)Project Camelot. So I was wondering if any one here can give me an Invitation Code. Thanks in Lighted Love John M

    NEVER Mind I found a request invitation code button. lol Geez I feel smart.
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    God these splits are all so ridiculous :*(

    What is project Avalon about?


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      Well Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy use to do Whistle Blowers Interviews and would post them on youtube. Will Bill Ryan has a Forum. Have you heard of Project Camelot? I sure you have. lol Did you check out Ashayana's interview that got taken down?


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        Yea....things are not good.

        No one can see that knowledge is just knowledge to connect to your highest self. Techniques help sometimes. Information, all that. All these people claiming they are more enlightened. People who think enlightment can't be found in the mind...fools. Heart and Mind as One.


        No balance.

        Take care.
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