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  • Rules of the Devil

    1) Accept that which You can not change, Change only what you can
    *(i know this resembles the AA/NA saying but it isn't in God to grant you anything- its up to you to accept your responsibilities in life)

    2) Always take the time to remember - Everyone has a right to thier own life, view and choice- this is something you can Not change

    3) Take in the little things, life is in these moments

    4) "Life is what happens while you're making other plans" - John Lennon

    5) Fight for whats is truly worth fighting for, let everything else go

    6) Always look at your decisions and make a choice- EVERYTHING has a choice

    7) There is a balance to ALL things

    8) Its not what you gain in material possessions, nor is it the wealth you can earn, but the intangible bonds that are to be valued


    10) Be your own God- (don't choose to be influenced by the world choose to influence your world- it is your world in your mind and you get to choose how to be effected)

    11) Life is not fair- but you can try to make it as fair as possible

    12) Enemys are only a reflection of the true enemy- your own EGO

    13)Bear the pain it will strengthen, share the joy it will brighten, face the fear it will fade

    Many other little rules to my own personal life make up the full extent of me- but the truth is I live my own life based through rules like these- I may be Malice the Devil, and have twisted the fabric of my own soul, but through the twist I have found these to be some of the points along the way to step away from the world and look toward something unseen...

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    You forgot "Just look up" because there is always a higher understanding to be found. And by look up, I mean growing in the fashion of all wise and wholly things, by digging downward (contemplation) and expanding outward (considering other branches of view).

    That's the rule I follow most often. My first rule is I always win; then everybody else does too. But thats more of a strategy.
    In my hands I hold a candle whose flame is small to see,
    And if I give but one light to you my life is filled for me.
    But...In your hands you hold a torch for many eyes to see,
    So hold it high that they may light their candlewicks from thee... موم γλυφή !

    - By Faye


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      Originally posted by Malice the Devil View Post

      13)Bear the pain it will strengthen, share the joy it will brighten, face the fear it will fade
      Love this...a lot
      If you like something I write, please, hit that thank button or the helpful thingy. It brings me a small measure of joy.
      I know I haven't been around in a while. Life calls. You can read about it HERE if you feel so inclined ^.^


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        chur bro.


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          Fairness is subjective. What's fair to one person is unfair and wrong to another. Everyone has their own concept of justice, especially when it comes to the Divine.
          The ironic thing about the devil is that he ended up emulating his Father, and thus defeating the whole point of his revolution.

          Like it says in the graphic novel,
          "You are the King of Contrivance and Manipulation, my Samael. But in that, as in all things, you learned from your Father."
          The Way is always uncontrived. Yet there's nothing it doesn't do. -- Tao te Ching