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Hey has this been suggest to moderator?

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  • Hey has this been suggest to moderator?

    So I was thinking about this war going on around me, please try not to take offense; I saw article about the US elections (I Indonesia) and study some; they say US presidents rotated like few years? Is it maybe I can make suggestion? How come we do not try rotation for new mod position? So everyone can have chance contribute, and then current mod can take abreak and become the change? And I think ian too busy to post cos he deal with the troll problem all day; when Ian post I like it; I think I could be good mod if given chance; but I see what happen when AmonRa apply he not even taken serious, I don't think I get any vote too

    I hope I don't offend too much but maybe we should hold general election like US? Or is this bad idea? No one ever listen my ideas but I speak up now cos all my best friend are get banned now :/

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    Whatever, they'll be rigged and held by the UN with a council moderated by Newspeak moderators who are moderated by a Newspeak moderator being monitored by the TSA and secured by NATO troops who have FEMA on backup call for an emergency. I had a spiritual awakening and what not so I'm out of here. You all helped me with that so I thank you. Fight nice all See you on the other side (some of you). Peace and love.
    Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucious


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      For that you need more than Abigail and myself to apply. Also in the end it's still Daniel's prerogative.


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        I think people scared or find it useless ??? To apply. Sorry this just my feeling